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  • Why do I need to speak when I sign or use symbols?
    The Makaton Language Programme is designed to promote and support spoken language. Therefore, speech is a vital part of the programme. Using signs and symbols reinforces the information and meaning of our spoken language. This helps to make links between speech and the sings and / or symbols. It can be common for signs and symbols to drop as speech naturally develops.
  • I completed the Makaton Foundation and Enhancement Workshop years ago, but I haven’t used it. What should I do next?
    The Foundation and Enhancement Workshops have been revised, innovated and updated to make up the Level 1 – 4 Workshops. I would suggest completing these workshops to ensure you have the most up to date knowledge of The Makaton Language Programme.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Things can change in our everyday lives and at short notice. However, refunds are not generally issued as a small independent company. Being a small business, refunds can affect our income and therefore overheads of ordering resources and venue hire. In addition, it can be challenging to resell the space.
  • How much do you charge for the Autism Awareness talks?
    I deliver Autism Awareness talks through my voluntary role with the National Autistic Society. Therefore, there is not a charge for these talks. I advertise a couple of Autism Awareness talks during the year, however I can also deliver them in your setting. There maybe travel expenses depending on location.
  • We would like a number of staff trained, is this something you offer?
    Absolutely. I am available for in-hourse training. Please email for a quote.
  • My setting uses a different symbol system. Can I still learn Makaton signs?
    Of course. Signs and symbols are both taught throughout the workshops. Some settings transition over to Makaton symbols due to the simplicity and the ease of drawing them. While we explore the design themes of Makaton Symbols, the rules for using symbols are the same regardless of the symbol system used.
  • Why can’t I learn Makaton from colleagues who have completed Makaton training?
    As Makaton Tutors, we go through rigorous training to gain our licences and attend Revision Sessions as part of our Professional Development. By completing official workshops from qualified and licensed Tutors, you know that you will be receiving top quality training, correct and relevant information and accurate signing and symbol use. You will also receive participant manuals and certificates on completion as evidence that you have completed official Makaton Workshops.
  • Who does Makaton support?
    While The Makaton Language Programme was developed for people with learning and / or communication difficulties, it has proven to be beneficial for a range of audiences. As a result of ongoing research, The Makaton Charity have developed Makaton Signing for Babies & Families to support early communication and Watch my Needs, which is for people who are beginning to have difficulty with memory recall and understanding. In addition, Makaton shows to support people who have English as a second language.
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