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Makaton Workshops with Holly

Licenced Makaton Ambassador Tutor

I offer a range of Makaton Workshops to Parents & Families, Professionals and anyone who word like to learn a new skill.


The Taster session is a great introduction for anyone starting their Makaton journey or who would like to re-fresh their skills. The Taster session is made up of a standard list A everyday vocabulary with a bespoke List B for a range of settings.


The *Level 1 – 4 Workshops cover the Core Vocabulary, with each Level being a day Workshop. On completion of Level 4, Participant would have learnt approximately 450 concepts, how to translate and interpret signs and symbols and would have gained a great deal on insight and theory in to The Makaton Language Programme. 

*Makaton Approaches to Safeguarding is a two-day Workshop, where anyone who has complete a minimum of Level 2 can join. This Workshop is not designed to replace Local Authority Safeguard Training. It is person centered, exploring approximately 300 concepts around People, Body parts & clothes, Places, Feelings and Intimate matters as well as how to effectively and safely apply this vocabulary. 

*Watch My Needs is designed to support people who have early sign of Dementia, who may be Stroke patients or have difficulty with memory recall. This is a 5-hour workshop, delivered over 5 weeks. The participant will attend with the same supporting carer or family member each week. This workshop caters for immediate wants, needs and feelings, with all the resources ready to take away for the participant to start using. Watch My Needs is only delivered Face-to-Face and it is possible and preferred to deliver this course in the family home or care home, within a familiar environment to reduce and distress to the participant.

Makaton Signing for Babies & Families Workshop is a 6-hour workshop delivered over 6 weeks. Children are welcome to join during Face-to-Face sessions but are discouraged to attend during online session. The workshop is made up of songs and activities to help learn signs and symbols in a fund and engaging way for you children. Ideal for families and Early Years settings. Each participant will receive a pocket book of signs & symbols.

*Frontline: Emergency Services is designed for emergency call out respondents to be able to communicate with Makaton directly with the person with communication difficulties. This workshop is a 3-hour session and offers an Everyday Vocabulary List A and a bespoke List B specifically for Emergency Services.

*Frontline: General Wellbeing is designed to give participants the skills to use Makaton effectively to check on general wellbeing and put Makaton Users at ease talking about their mental health, feelings and wishes. The is a 3-hour session and offers an Everyday Vocabulary List A and a bespoke List B specifically for General Wellbeing.

Participants will receive a certificate on completion of each Workshop.

*Participants will receive a Participant Manual for each of these Workshops.

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